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CEO of the YearCEO of the YearCEO of the Year


CEO of the Year Awards

LEVEL 1: Start your journey of becoming the CEO of the year by filling out the nomination form.  Every CEO is eligible to be nominated, as was previously mentioned. You or your company may submit an application for nomination. You can also be nominated for this honor by a corporate leader from another organization, such as a business partner or client, and vice versa. The best thing is that we never charge for nominations. Therefore, no financial obstacle prevents you from submitting your own nomination and earning the title of CEO of the Year Award.


LEVEL 2: Complete the nomination processes if you feel you should compete for this prestigious award. All CEOs are welcome to apply regardless of their company’s size, turnover, location, or workforce size. These factors are not taken into consideration while selecting the winners. Instead, we give a lot of weight to your past performance and whether you uphold moral business standards, prioritize your client’s needs, and invest in innovation. If you have all of these qualities, you have a very high chance of winning this prize.


LEVEL 3: Following the nomination phase, our jury members will evaluate each candidate and provide ratings depending on how they performed in comparison to set standards (LinkedIn professional profile, online reviews & ratings, past achievements, employment history, job profile, professional experience, and more). Each applicant will be given a rating and overall grade. The highest scores will subsequently be honored with the CEO of the Year Award. The final decision rendered by our esteemed jury is definitive, irrevocable, and unquestionable.


LEVEL 4: Each winner must pay a small registration fee. After paying the registration fee, you are able to use the logo for a full year. Our registration fee of $600 is quite reasonable when compared to the occasionally high costs of other award programs.


LEVEL 5: Finish the registration procedure to get an invitation to the most anticipated corporate awards ceremony of the year.

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