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CEO of the YearCEO of the YearCEO of the Year

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a CEO of a company, then you can nominate yourself for this award. The CEO of the Year Awards welcomes CEOs from all over the world, regardless of the size of their company or their company turnover. You can nominate yourself for this award regardless of which business niche your company caters to. These things don’t matter; what is essential is your track record and your ability to instill confidence in your employees and guide your company towards long-term, sustainable success. We encourage you to apply as long as you are doing great work and follow ethical business practices.

All the winners are going to receive a trophy & certificate for the CEO of the Year Award. You can showcase it not only on your website but also on social media channels, marketing collaterals, and print media. Each winner will receive one-year logo usage rights (subject to the completion of all registration formalities).

The list of qualifications for a CEO is a long one. However, these 6 are the top traits that all great CEO possess.

  1. Awesome leadership skills

Be the shepherd that herds the flock into success. As a CEO, you need to have excellent leadership skills. Without it, nobody will follow your vision for the company.

Your people will simply drift in their own worlds, making it hard to make unified business decisions. Processes will also fall apart and most of all, company culture will suffer a setback. 

So what does it take for a leader to be a great one? 

  • The ability to motivate people even during the toughest times
  • Being focused on business goals without sacrificing employee morale
  • Power to gain the trust and confidence of everyone under your wings
  • The ability to delegate tasks properly
  1. Strong decision-making skills

Top CEOs know that a wrong decision may be better than not deciding at all. Why? Because a lack of direction makes your team frustrated or second-guess every decision. 

Either way, it slows down your business growth. So even with incomplete data and in unfamiliar areas, good CEOs make decisions with speed and conviction. 

It doesn’t mean you have to make every decision right away. It just implies that you have to know when to move, how to implement it, and what are the consequences. And once you make the decision, make sure to press ahead with an unwavering passion to accomplish your goals. 

  1. Smart risk-taking mindset

You don’t have to be a Warren Buffet to have an entrepreneurial superpower. Although who wouldn’t want to have his business acumen, right?

But he always had a smart approach when it comes to taking risks. So as a startup business owner, you should also develop the ability to take calculated risks. 

In his point of view, unforeseen opportunities can only be seized from taking leaps of faith. But to not lose your footing, you must do due diligence. You should do your in-depth research, set goals, create metrics, and establish backup plans in case you need to pivot.

Lastly, don’t forget to develop foresight, so you can anticipate and navigate potential challenges ahead.

  1. Strong personal character

To become a top CEO, you should constantly improve yourself. Develop the courage to pursue your passion and ideas with integrity. Maintain your drive and resilience to weather the storms ahead. Stay humble in spite of your achievements. 

You should also understand the meaning of “realistic optimism”. Moreover, learn to embrace challenges as opportunities for development. And most importantly, always believe in yourself even when others think otherwise.

  1. Strong emotional intelligence

One thing often overlooked by most CEOs is their emotional intelligence. Remember that people make success happen. And, people are naturally emotional beings. Hence, it’s vital for executives to understand and manage emotions for the greater good.

  1. Excellent communication skills

Communication is a two-way street. Thus, to be a great communicator, you must possess both active listening and good speaking skills. Why? Because both are significant in creating engagement within your teams, which leads to better results.

Once the nomination stage is over, our experts will go through all the applications. We will check applications for correctness, authenticity, and truthfulness. Next, our jury members will rate and rank each applicant on pre-set parameters and give them a score. Finally, the CEOs that have the best scores will be judged as winners. Generally speaking, we announce the winners within 1-2 days of the completion of the nomination process.

CEO of the Year Award is an emblem of trust and quality. Not only is it a great personal achievement to win this prestigious award, but it can also skyrocket your company toward success. It will make your business more popular, and it’s no secret that famous brands are more successful than the less-popular ones. Also, all employees like to work under a great leader. There’s no better way to give proof of your leadership and visionary qualities than winning the CEO of the Year Awards. Your winning will help inspire your employees, and the result will be better output.

Winners can use the award certificate to gain attention and enhance creditability. For example, displaying the award on all your social media channels will help you grab consumers’ attention and boost your brand’s image, making it easier to launch new ventures and find investors. Likewise, using the award on your brochures and mail flyers will make it easier for you to convince consumers that they can fully trust your brand. Last but not least, you can use the award to motivate your employees. Simply showcase the prize on your office stationery, including diaries.

Our nomination process is easy, simple, and fast. Visit our nomination page and fill in the required fields. Double-check the information provided to rule out typos and spelling errors before hitting the Submit button. You’ll also need to submit a $600 registration fees if you will be selected by our Jury for this award. You can also nominate someone else if you want, but make sure that all the information you provide is correct. Also, do inform the concerned party about their nomination.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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