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CEO of the YearCEO of the YearCEO of the Year


At the CEO of the Year Awards, all our actions are guided by two principles: total transparency and utmost simplicity. Experts, competitors, and businesses have rated our awards program as the best in this category, yet we have kept things simple, affordable, transparent, and uncluttered.

Here’s a look at our certification process:

  1. Start your campaign by filling out the nomination form. You can nominate yourself, or your company can set you. You can also nominate a CEO of another company, like your business partner or client. There is no nomination fees. Contrary to other award programs that charge a hefty registration fee, our registration fee is very affordable
  2. If you think you deserve to participate, complete the nomination formalities. All CEOs, regardless of their company’s size, turnover, location, or employee strength, are welcome to apply. We don’t factor in these things while deciding the winners. Instead, we lay great importance on your track record and whether or not you follow ethical business practices, keep the customers’ interest first, and invest in innovation. If you have all these qualities, let’s assure you that you or your company’s CEO has a great chance of winning this award.
  3. Once the nomination process is complete, our jury members will peruse each applicant and rate them based on their performance on specific parameters. Each applicant will be ranked and assigned an overall score. Finally, the top scorers will be awarded the CEO of the Year Award. The decision made by our jury is final, irrevocable, and unchallengeable.

Each winner must pay a small registration fee. Paying the registration fee will give you logo usage rights for one year. Our registration fee is most reasonable compared to other award programs that invariably charge hefty fees.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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