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CEO of the YearCEO of the YearCEO of the Year


The CEO of the Year Awards follows a straightforward, affordable, and easy nomination process. You can nominate yourself or someone else by filling the nomination form. Keep in mind the nomination fee is non-refundable. Under no circumstance the fee will be refunded if you decide to cancel your nomination.

Our registration fee is nominal ($600). Where other award programs charge several thousands of dollars, we only ask entrants to pay a small fee. It’s a conscious decision on our part to keep the registration fees low because we firmly believe it should not be a hindrance for the CEOs of small and medium-sized companies to gain global recognition.

There is one more reason why we have ensured low registration fees. And that we don’t want to give CEOs of large companies an undue advantage. Small businesses have a limited budget for participating in corporate awards. And that’s the reason they find it hard to participate in reputable awards. But this is unfair because all CEOs who do a great job deserve a chance at global recognition, regardless of the size of their companies. So, in essence, by keeping the fees low, we are doing our bit to level the playing field, ensuring all deserving businesses can participate in the global event. This is the only reason we never give preference to companies based on their turnover. What matters most to us is your performance and business ethics.

Who can nominate?

All CEOs from any industry or business sector can participate. We welcome CEOs of both established companies and startups and every organization in between. The CEO of the Year Awards is open to all CEOs from all parts of the world. That’s because our focus is on rewarding and recognizing the best CEOs in all business niches, irrespective of the yearly turnover of their business, employee strength, or the industrial sector.

You can nominate yourself if you are a CEO with an impeccable track record and strong business ethics. Your company can also fill out the nomination form on your behalf. You can also nominate someone else who you believe deserves global recognition.

How to Fill out the Nomination Form?

While filling out the nomination form, keep in mind the following points.

  • You must provide truthful, accurate, and complete information. If we find you guilty of willful misrepresentation, our jury panel may decide to cancel your nomination. Their decision, please note, is unchallengeable and irrevocable
  • Fill in all the fields in the nomination form. Before clicking the ‘Submit’ button, check the information provided for typos or spelling mistakes
  • You can nominate yourself. Or your company can set you. One person can also nominate a CEO of a different company, like that of a business partner or a client. However, don’t forget to inform them about their nomination

If, after the nomination, you get selected as a winner for this honorable award, you will only have to pay a nominal registration fee of $600 for the registration and logo usage rights. The registration fee will enable you to use the logo for one year in all your publicity & marketing collaterals.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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